Infant – Kindergarten Application Process

  1. Visit uscall or contact us online to set up a school tour. Seeing is believing – which is why we invite you to tour our school before you complete an application.
  2. Complete an application. At your tour, we will give you an application you can complete. If you want to have this form ahead of time, you can also download the application along with a tuition guide below:

    Please send your application to the appropriate campus indicated on the application form. You DO NOT need to submit any fees at this time.

  3. Come in for an optional observation and/or visitation. Once we receive your application, we will discuss whether you may want to come back for an observation, and whether it may make sense to invite your child to spend some time visiting in his/her future classroom, before you make the commitment to enroll at our school. Some families feel comfortable enrolling without this step; others find it very helpful to see the classroom in operation during a parent-only observation, or to have the child have an opportunity to come in for a visitation in his/her future classroom. If we decide with you that a visitation makes sense for you, then for younger children (toddlers to three year olds), we invite both a parent and the child to come into one of our classrooms, often for a brief visit during our group “circle time”. For older children (three and above), we like to see the child spend an hour or two in the classroom, without the parent; we do request that the parent stay on site during that time.We will also talk with you at this time if the campus you are interested in is full. In that case, you can choose to consider a different campus, or we can place your child on our wait list, and invite you back to discuss enrollment next steps when a spot opens up.
  4. Register your child. If we jointly decide that LePort is a good fit for your child, and we have an opening right away, you can complete the registration by paying a non-refundable deposit of one month’s tuition. We will provide you with a countersigned application, which indicates your child’s start date, schedule, and fees due by the first day of school. If we do not have space available at the location you want to enroll, or if you are interested in enrolling your child in the future (e.g., once he becomes old enough, or once you move, or for the next school year), you can place your child on our waiting list. We will note your requested start date and relevant program information, such as your desired schedule, and will contact you when a suitable opening becomes available.
  5. Enroll.After registering your child, we will provide you with our parent handbook, as well as an enrollment package. This package contains a number of forms (immunization, health records, emergency contacts, etc., many of which are required by law) that we collect before we admit your child into our school. Please return these forms, along with the payments outlined in your copy of the application form, prior to your child’s start date.
  6. Welcome to LePort! We look forward to seeing you and your child soon.