Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3)

In our Lower Elementary (Grades 1-3) Montessori program, our young students acquire the foundational skills they need for success in school, and in life. In a multi-age setting, your 6 to 9 year old will master reading, writing and arithmetic, exceeding by far even the most ambitious standards set by any public school. Equally important, she will retain her natural excitement for learning: her enthusiasm for knowledge will crescendo rather than wane as she grows. And as with academics, so with organizational and time-management skills: your child will acquire a sense of personal order, and thoroughly enjoy the process of developing these competencies. In our classrooms, students learn to organize their own plans for learning, including managing their workspace, and then follow through and execute on those plans.

Additional Information For International Students: Are you inquiring from outside the US? Please do contact us, as we welcome international students into our private school program. Our enrollment process for international students parallels the domestic process described above, and we modify it to accommodate those not able to travel to our schools. For example, we may invite parents for a Skype conference call instead of an in-person visit, or conduct assessments via email and Skype. In addition, once your child is admitted to LePort, we will work with you to complete the materials you need to apply for a student visa, as LePort Schools is authorized under Federal law to enroll nonimmigrant alien students.