12 Locations, 12 Great Choices in Southern California


LePort Schools celebrates 13+ years in Southern California! We offer high-quality education, starting with our toddler day care and preschool through to our elementary and middle school program (8th grade). Whether it’s our stellar academics or the convenience of extended child care hours, LePort is dedicated to ensuring that you can send your child to school with peace-of-mind. With us, your child will be safe and happy, and will learn and thrive.

LePort campuses can be found in Carlsbad, EncinitasHuntington Harbor, Huntington Pier / Fountain Valley, Irvine (San Marino), Irvine (Orchard Hills), Irvine (Lake), Irvine (Mandarin Immersion)Irvine (Spectrum)Palos Verdes, and San Francisco. We invite you to contact one of our campuses to schedule a tour—or contact us online here: we will call you back within one business day.


Mommy & Me
1st - 3rd Grade
4th - 8th Grade
Carlsbad Village
Huntington Harbor
Huntington Pier / Fountain Valley
Irvine - Lake
Irvine - Mandarin Immersion
Irvine - Orchard Hills
Irvine - San Marino
Irvine - Spectrum
Palos Verdes
San Francisco