Q: Why Choose LePort Schools?

A: Because we will help your child acquire the essential knowledge, thinking skills, and strength of character required to flourish as a joyous child today, and as a successful adult tomorrow.

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By choosing LePort, you enable your child to make the most of his precious childhood. Our unique program, which combines rigorous academics with a strong focus on personal development, will prepare your child, mind, body and spirit, for the adventure of life. At LePort, your child can have it all:

We offer a rigorous, structured academic curriculum… … and make learning enjoyable for our students.
We teach essential knowledge content sequentially – including literature, history, mathematics and science – and offer systematic instruction in the key language arts skills of spelling, vocabulary, grammar & writing. We present knowledge as an exciting discovery of the world, so that learning is like a detective story in which each lesson involves grasping a new and interesting twist. We make the material itself engaging rather than relying heavily on extrinsic rewards like grades, or on “hands-on,” “fun” projects that distract, rather than add, to the child’s learning of essential, applied knowledge.
We motivate by building on the child’s curiosity about the world… … and take seriously our responsibility as knowledgeable adults to guide the learning process.
Toddlers and preschoolers are excited about learning: they ask “why” all day long. They know they don’t know, and have a natural thirst to learn. By fueling this curiosity, we keep that excitement, that love of learning, alive all the way to 8th grade—and beyond. Our children truly become lifelong learners. In contrast to many of today’s progressive schools, where children set the learning agenda, we understand that a child has to learn certain essential knowledge to be able to succeed in life. We regard it as our responsibility to offer this knowledge in the right cognitive sequence, so that our students are able to understand and apply what they learn.
We teach cognitive skills through applied exercises the children do every day in each subject… … and apply a similar practical, applied approach to character development and life skills.
At LePort, imparting knowledge is not an end in itself. Our purpose is to ensure that our students learn the core content they need in order to flourish in life. Thus, our students don’t just memorize facts and check off multiple-choice questions, but rather apply their knowledge in a wide variety of exercises every day, in every subject: from solving word problems in math to writing creative stories using vocabulary words, our students make what they learn their own, and retain it, long-term, so that they can utilize it in their own lives. A strong sense of self, acquired through daily, purposeful activities; an upstanding character and a magnanimous attitude; practical skills like organization, time management and healthy living: all these are essential to a happy, successful life. We teach these attitudes and skills by enabling our students to practice them daily, and observing our teachers as they model behaviors. No dry “Character Education” lectures to memorize – but lots to learn!
Our teachers are expert professionals, with deep knowledge of their fields… … and they are passionate individuals who care deeply about educating their students.
In contrast to most other schools, which operate on a “homeroom” model, where one teacher teaches all subjects for one year, we hire subject matter experts in each field. For example, our history teachers actually know and love history – and stay with your child over several years to ensure that your child experiences history as an exciting, integrated story, where this year’s learning builds upon and reinforces the prior years’ work. We selectively hire interesting, passionate people who enjoy learning and life, and can pass that positive attitude on to your child. Our experience shows that teachers who are passionate about their fields and genuinely devoted to children are the best educators. While many of our teachers have phenomenal credentials, we also recognize that deep subject expertise and a passion for teaching are the real hallmarks of a great educator.
We offer a safe, carefully prepared environment… … and we nurture each student with individual, caring attention.
From our spacious, clean Montessori classrooms, to our carefully selective, sequentially taught curriculum in the upper grades; from our small class sizes to our supervised recess environment; from our many field trips to our special school events and spirit days: nothing at LePort is accidental. We understand that a key part of our role as educators is providing an environment where your child can thrive. We understand that, fundamentally, a child is in charge of his mind: the choice to learn is his. We get to know, and always take seriously, each student’s individual context – his background knowledge, skill level, challenges, gifts and interests – and actively individualize our programs. We provide him with both the academic knowledge and the personal coaching he needs to develop his whole being, mind, body and spirit.